Festival Queen 2019

Congratulations to Matilda Cowgill-Smith who was chosen in February to be the 2019 Goosnargh and Whittingham’s Festival Queen.

Matilda, who is a pupil at Garstang High School has lived in Goosnargh all her life, she was proud to be Head Girl at Goosnargh Oliverson’s School in 2017-2018 and one of the original babies of the newly formed Goosnargh Ducklings and continues to be an active member of the village community.

She has a puppy called Boudica, Boo for short, who is just one year old and enjoys taking her for walks around the village and training her to do tricks. Matilda enjoys all aspects of learning and is a keen mathematician but also loves doing lots of arts and crafts, singing and enjoys baking and cookery.

Tilda has lots of friends both from the village and her old primary school but also in her new secondary school where she has recently won an award for obtaining the most house points in her year group. She enjoys playing games with her friends and likes watching films with her family at home and at the cinema. She is so looking forward to her year as Festival Queen and has all sorts of ideas and plans.

Photograph by Philip Bamber.