Festival Success!

Take a look at the fabulous 2017 photo gallery; all images available for you to download now. Special thanks to Sophie Butters, Max & Eryl Fryer, whose photo’s also appeared in the Longridge News

At yesterday’s Festival Review meeting Treasurer Jill Piner presented a fabulous set of financial success stories.

Thank you if you bought an ice cream on The Square. Ice cream is kindly donated by Crystal Hall and Sue Brown’s team raised £380 on a perfect day.

If you bought some of our Raffle tickets either before or on the day, you helped Andy Thiele’s Raffle Team raise a magnificent £1360.

If you put a few coins in the Scouts’ Collecting boxes you helped just 4 enthusiastic young scouters raise £62.22.

Finally, Dot Cross raised £276 from sales of Celebration Teas @ £3 each.

Around 300 children, Band Members & invited Guests who had taken part in the Procession enjoyed a free Tea along with all our Marshals and the wonderful police team. Thank you Dot and Paul Cross and all who helped prepare, bake and serve the feast.

Thank you all!

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