We’re Back!

Goosnargh and Whittingham Whitsuntide Festival plans to return in style.

This year our festival is on Saturday 4th June and it coincides with the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Celebrations.

We need you to get involved and make the day a success.

How do you want to be involved?

Fancy Dress? Maypole Dancing? Attendant? Flower-girl? Entering a Decorated Float?

Or maybe even being Festival Queen or King

Please contact if you think you may be interested, and we can give you more details.

Fancy dress entrants can register on the day in Oliverson’sSchool Playground, but for everything else you need to register in advance.

In order to have enough time to prepare, we need to be choosing our King or Queen soon.

If you are in year 6 – year 11 and live in the parishes of Goosnargh or Whittingham, then you are eligible. This is a huge area, including Whitechapel and Bleasdale and going as far as Longridge Aldi.

Registration forms will be available here, at local schools and Goosnargh Chippy.

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